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  1. Name of the Department  : Bachelor of Business Administration
  2. Year of Establishment                      U.G. 2004
  1. Department Profile :-
    In the modern economic scenario all over the world, “Management “as a stream of education and training has acquired new  dimensions. Management is an exciting field where you can have an immediate impact on the operations of any business. The field of “Management “is constantly changing hotbed of activities. All organisations and their department, functionsor groups use ‘Management Methodologies ‘to improve their efficiency, andprofitability. In the ever increasing and expanding Indian Economy and also the global economy, the demand for qualified, skilled and effective workforce is increasing.
    Currently, a B.B.A. degree opens new vistas of opportunity and learning, broadensstudent’s outlook and serves as a gateway to the corporate world. In the last decade, prominent changes in Indian and World economies have led to an increase in number of students taking B.B.A as a career. Today management education space has also witnessed a significant shift in terms of pedagogy .Infusing education with technology has transformed learning ,wherein the student exposure has transcended boundaries and global learning has become the order of the day. Even foreign universities have been showing a keen interest in setting up management colleges in India. The corporates now look for individuals with a formal business education. With the emergence of new technology based corporations comprising both large and medium enterprises, the demand for B.B.A professionals has steadily grown.
    B.B.A. degree enables students to maximize individuals & organizational productivity and capacity.B.B.A degree enables the students to acquire Managerial skills, communicationskills, Entrepreneurship skills and personal development.B.B.A graduates have innumerable opportunities of employment and self-employment in various field and sectors like Manufacturing Industries, Service Industries, Commerce, Trade and distribution etc. There is increasing demand for B.B.A. student in Banking and Finance, Marketing andAdvertising, Tours and Travelling Industry, HospitalityIndustry, Event Management Sector, Entertainment Industry, BPO and KPO Industries etc.
    Therefore, now a daysorganisations institutions and companies are preferring B.B.A. graduates for managing their day to day business activities. In this way in upcoming world B.B.A. will be an asset to any professional from any field. It is indeed a very good option for your bright future.
    We aim to develop students in to valuable human resource. Our motto is to secure gainful employment to each and every student who successfully complete B.B.A.course
    Talent Wins Games But Teamwork & Intelligence Wins Championships”----Michael Jordan (Basketball Player)
    Vision & Pedagogy
    India has been emerging as an economic powerhouse. In order to facilitate and support the economic development and indeed sustain in the momentum of our economic growth,we need trained manpower. We therefore motivates and nourish creative minds, who would generate innovative ideas and aims to produce energetic,effective,efficient and ethical graduates to meet the needs of the outside world and serve the society. We understand that the biggest challenge for us is to bridge the gap between student readiness and the industry requirement. Hence we have right mix of academic and industry leaders at all the levels to enable our students to fulfill our dreams to shine in the corporate area.We are also a member of MCCIA-Pune.
    Mission of B.B.A.Department:
    To impart quality education, to enhance management knowledge base, to develop students into valuable human resource with modern managerial skills.
    Innovations at B.B.A.Dept:
    Managerial Dress Code’for all the students of BBA.
           Continuous Evaluation System in every semester.
           Personality Development Programme.
           Brain-Storming, ManagementGames,Seminar Competitions.
           Group Discussions,Presentations
           Guidance for MBA CET Exam.
            Industrial Visits(B.B.A.)
             Industrial visits are organized to give practical exposure to students.Our students have visited well known industrial units located at
            Activities of B.B.A.Dept.At Glance
            Welcome Function for F.Y.by S.Y.& T.Y Students
            Teachers Day celebration.
             Farewell function for T.Y.by S.Y & T.Y
             ‘Management Day’Celebrations
             ‘Management Games’
               Alumni Meet
             Campus Interviews
             “You may never know what results come of our action,but if you do nothing there will be no result”----Mahatma Gandhi.


Courses Offered

Undergraduate Level
Sr.No Name of Course/ Programme Duration Eligibility Intake Capacity Admission Procedure Prospects of Course
1 BBA 3 Years 12th Pass 160 As per the norms of Savitribai Phule Pune University and Government of Maharashtra

Infrastructure Detail

Laboratory No. Area in Sq.Mtrs Equipment detail No.of equipments Remark
Department Library 31.33 Books 137 Books Motivational, Management, Text Books and Project Reports are available.
Class Room and one Staffroom 338.33 Computer, Laptop, Printers and LCD Projector Each One Department is well equipped with necessary teaching aids and infrastructure.

Placement Activity

Sr.No Academic year Name & City of Company Number of students placed
1 2007-2008 Apex Laboratory 16
2 2009-2010 Wipro 01
3 2010-2011 Vijaya Bank 11
4 2011-2012 Fine Support 03
5 2011-2012 Vodafone 53
6 2011-2012 ICICI LOMBARD 37
7 2011-2012 HBL Global Pvt. Ltd 10
8 2011-2012 Airtel 01
9 2012-2013 Tata Motors Finance Limited 01
10 2012-2013 Tata Consultancy Limited 02
11 2014-2015 Infosys 34
12 2014-2015 Tata Consultancy Limited 17
13 2014-2015 Bajaj Finserv 05
14 2014-2015 Electronica Finance 02
15 2015-2016 Tata Consultancy Limited 10
16 2016-2017 Tata Consultancy Limited Pune 5