About the library

The Central Library Has Three-storied spacious Building measuring over 24000 sq. ft.

Area.  There are a number of books, journals and periodicals in the Library and new

Resources are regularly added with U.G.C. and Government grants.  It possesses special

Collections of books 134466‚ periodicals 157, dissertations 1946, e-books, e-journals and

CD’s 1365.  Researchers and Scholars have been using these resources at the library.  In<


  • 1 Guidance in use of library resources.
  • 2 Open access facility to users.
  • 3 Established in 1970 simultaneously with the establishment of the college
  • 4 Fully computerized library using advance version of SOUL2.0 software of INFLIBNET.
  • 5 Qualitative collection of documents in enough quantity to serve parallel to classroom teaching
  • 6 Weightage is given to the requirement, needs of current and potential users.
  • 7 Linked with national and international bibliographic and full text databases.
  • 8 E-resources of NLIST and DELNET consortium are available to students, faculty and research scholars.


Sr. No Name Designation Qualification
1 Smt. Suroshi S.P. Librarian M.A.,M. Lib.&I. Sc, M.Phil, SET
2 Mr. Yadav S.U. Lib Clerk M.A., M. Lib. & I. Sc.
3 Smt. Dange S. S. Lib Clerk M.A. M.Lib.&I.SC. M.Phil
4 Mr Kokate M.D. Lib Attendant S.Y.B.A
5 Mr. Mate K.N. Lib Attendant M.A.B.Ed
6 Mr. Satpute S.K. Peon S.S.C.
7 Mr. Salve C.B. Peon M.A., M. Lib. & I. Sc.
8 Mr. Dalvi A.R. Peon H.S.C
9 Mr. Sable R.N. Peon S.S.C.
10 Mr.Borhude S.M. Peon S.S.C.


  • 1 References
  • 2 CAS (Current Awareness Service)
  • 3 SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information)
  • 4 OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  • 5 Photo copying
  • 6 Newspaper Clippings
  • 7 Inter library borrowing
  • 8 Circulation
  • 9 Broadband internet connectivity
  • 10 Educational CD’s


Library is member of DELNET (Developing Library Network). Which enables research

Activities.  Library has prepared database of books and is using advance version SOUL2.0 software prepared

By INFLIBNET for rendering quick services.  The library is supported with adequate staff.

Library Photo's